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John’s travels have taken him to many large and small cities in the United States and around the world.  He feels that Philadelphia has a special charm with vistas rivaling most of them, especially those in the United States.  He first made his home/studio on a tiny, quiet, leafy street in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood tucked away in bustling Center City.  John is now located in the stimulating Passyunk Square/Italian Market area just south of Center City.

His style is influenced by the impressionists and post-impressionists.  John uses an impasto (thick paint) technique, in which a knife leaves a smooth surface to reflect light.  His palette features vivid and often arbitrary colors while visible brush and palette strokes add drama and life to the scene.

John begins his paintings en plein air (on site) with sketching, color matching, and taking multiple photographs.  He further develops the sketch in his studio and revisits the site multiple times to get the sun exposure he desires.  A “study” in oil on canvas board follows.  The final work is painted on stretched canvas or linen taking many layers and drying periods.  The last step is a coat of varnish, which brings out the vitality and richness of his work.

All of John’s paintings are original and one of a kind.

(Above:  "Keeping Watch over Manayunk")

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